Sustainable tourism on remote uninhabited islands in the Lake Malawi National Park

Mumbo One of the Top 50 Sustainable Lodges in Africa!

Mumbo is featured in a gorgeous double page spread in the newly-published coffee table book: Africa's Finest. We underwent rigorous testing by an independent environmental assessor and came out with a "near-faultless" score, making our camp one of the Top 50 in Southern Africa in terms of our sustainable practices. This is some of what they had to say about Mumbo: "Mumbo Island was one of only a few places visited and assessed during the Green Safari project that led to Africa’s Finest book, which notched a near-faultless score. The story of Mumbo is really the story of the people who made it. This is no slick safari lodge, more the kind of place you go to chill out, taking things slow but sure, the better to capture the magic of the lake of stars."

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The island

Mumbo Island is a pristine and deserted tropical island floating on the expansive waters of the Lake Malawi National Park. With a maze of massive underwater boulders, innumerable species of colourful cichlid fish and calm, clear water, the National Park offers what many consider the best freshwater snorkeling and SCUBA diving in the world.
Mumbo Island is only 1km in diameter and has never been populated so it remains in a pristine, natural state. Kayak Africa run Mumbo as an entirely off grid, green camp so that it remains as unspoilt and perfect as it has been forever.

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The Camp

Mumbo Island Camp, accommodating fourteen guests, features tastefully furnished tents with shaded decks, hammocks, hot bucket showers and ‘eco-loos’, complemented by a dining area with bar and a watersport gazebo. The whole camp is built of timber, thatch and canvas, and is perched on high rocks overlooking the water, blending with the lush foliage to create a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ atmosphere of rustic charm. The island is located within an exclusive concession area, guaranteeing privacy in tropical island paradise.
Unlike many African lodges, the decor also maintains the 'green' ethos; almost all the furnishings are locally sourced and made either in the village or in Malawi.

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Mumbo Chosen as one of the Top 100 Hotels in the World!

We at Kayak Africa are delighted to announce that Mumbo Island was chosen as one of the Top 100 Hotels in the World in the UK Sunday Times Travel Magazine! Mumbo was one of only ten hotels chosen in Africa and Asia.

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Mumbo's Green Credentials

On Mumbo, our challenge was to make as little environmental impact as possible in order to maintain the pristine nature of the island. There is no electricity, so lighting is by solar, paraffin lamps and wind-up torches. Toilets are dry composter loos and all composted material is removed from the island, buried in pits for a year and then used as great compost on our gardens on the mainland.

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Lake Malawi National Park

Mumbo Island is part of the Lake Malawi National Park. In 1980 the National Park became the first fresh-water marine reserve to be proclaimed on earth, and was declared a Natural World Heritage Site in 1984.

Lake Malawi contains the largest number of fish species of any lake in the world, probably well over five hundred with perhaps half occurring in the National Park area. The cichlid fish population specifically is of comparable importance in the study of evolution to the finches of the Galapagos Islands, with adaptive radiation and speciation (the actual process of evolution) taking place continuously even to this day!

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