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Mumbo Island is as good as Paradise!

We were so thrilled to find this great review on Mumbo posted last month. Must be one of the most glowing reviews we have ever received!
A quote from the article to whet your appetite to read the whole thing (link follows):
"“There are two paradises,” says Joseph. “The first is heaven. The second is Mumbo Island.”
After four days on Mumbo, I can tell you, God has his work cut out for himself.
Mumbo is nothing short of spectacular. All other eco-resorts and lodges should measure themselves against their standards."

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Trip Advisor Independent Reviews

In case you have not yet found Mumbo Island on Trip Advisor, here is a link to the independent reviews found there. We are so pleased to find all these positive views. Makes us very proud to know we are doing it right!
Link to Trip Advisor Mumbo Island Trip Advisor Reviews

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Blogs - our reviews by past guests...

Sarah Isaacs of Getaway Magazine visited in Oct 2011 - check out the Getaway Blog post at Island Hopping on the Lake of Stars

Renowned SA surfer Susie Vester had the following to say: Island Paradise

And one about Domwe Island from veteran travel blogger PG Jonker: Johnie does Malawi

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Best said by past guests...

"I returned to Mumbo after six years and am so happy that my memories of its charm, beauty and seclusion were not wrong - a truly magical experience!" Emma, UK.

"Never has such simplicity been so beautiful - relaxing, warm and friendly. What a wonderful time and a lasting memory!" Marc and Jean, UK.

"Very beautiful and calming. Very unique. The tents and loos are beautifully appointed and the staff service is excellent. Carry on!" Lou and Gaie, Hawaii.

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