The history of Kayak Africa: Mumbo and Domwe Islands, Lake Malawi

The History of Mumbo and Kayak Africa

Mumbo Island has been lying like a little jewel in the turquoise waters of Lake Malawi almost forever and yet few people know of its existence – even within Malawi. It is a tiny island, about one square kilometre, lying 10 kms offshore from Cape Maclear, and its rarity is that it is completely unspoilt – it looks the same today as it always has, apart from an eco-friendly camp constructed to cause minimal impact on its environment.
In the old days this was probably because its beach was home to large crocodiles, but, rest assured, hunters have long since killed them all and none remain. Mumbo’s sanctity was ensured when it was proclaimed part of the Lake Malawi National Park in 1980. And latterly, it has been in the safe hands of Kayak Africa, who were first awarded the concession to both Mumbo and Domwe islands in 1996 and have maintained a presence since that time.

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